Makkabi Kraków


13 Av 5781

On 21 July 1909 the Sports Club Maccabi Kraków was founded in order to “improve the physical strength of the Jews”. In 1932 it had 17 sports sections with 1018 members. It had its own stadium and after the war it was taken over by the Nadwiślan Kraków club.

The club grew very quickly. The men’s handball section was, in the same year, vice-champion of Kraków and kept that place for two years. The volleyball section was third in the 1929 Kraków championship. The basketball section was second in 1930. The table tennis section was champion in 1932.

The light athletics section was also successful and its Maryla Freiwald was champion of Poland in three specialties.

The hockey and skating sections had the largest ice ring in Kraków, 3800 m long, used for instance in 1929/30 by 30,000 people. The seniors’ water polo section was four times champion of Kraków.

Jewish sport in Kraków was destroyed by the Shoah.