79th anniversary of the murder of the Jews of Dębica


12 Av 5781

On 21 July 2021 a ceremony took place in the Dębica remembering the Jews of that city. Present were the major, Mariusz Szewczyk; the president of the Dębica administrative region, Piotr Chęciek and Mr. Ireneusz Socha, who has been remembering the Jewish community in Dębica for many years. The Jewish Community of Kraków was represented by its Chairman of the Board, Tadeusz Jakubowicz, and Mr Adam Klimek.

The Germans undertook the liquidation of the ghetto in Dębica from 21 to 25 July 1942. A few days before they collected the identity papers, which were held by the Gestapo. On the first day of the liquidation, people started to get the documents back, with a stamp. All of those who did not get back their papers had to assemble at a meeting point.

A selection took place there and Jews had to walk through a corridor of SS soldiers. Those that looked old or sick were taken to lorries and murdered in the woods near Wolica. The victims are estimated to be around 600 people. Members of the “Jewish Police” who tried to help their relatives were also shot.

The Mikołaj family, which saved the Reich family, should also be remembered for their heroism. May the victims rest in peace and may the murderers be smitten.

text: Dr. D. Cohen