A courtesy translation, by D Cohen, of the statement of the Jewish Religious Community of Kraków of 21 May 2021 at could be:

The Jewish Religious Community in Kraków informs that yesterday, i.e., 20 May 2021, the District Court of Kraków, in the matter numbered I C 1989/19 has decided favourably for the Community, ordering the Chabad Lubawicz Foundation to remove itself from and give back the Izaak Synagogue, illegally occupied by the Foundation. The sentence, as its grounds, as given orally, completely contradict the position presented until now by the Foundation, which is considered by the court as not true.

Details and a scan of the decision will follow soon.

The above translation is non-binding and the sole responsibility of the author. The official text is the one published in Polish and again this is just a courtesy translation.