Miriam Akavia (1927-2015)

Born in Krakow on 20th November 1927, Miriam Akavia (formerly known as Matylda Weinfeld) was a writer, translator and President of the Polish-Israeli Friendship Society in Israel.

She grew up in an assimilated Jewish family. Both of her parents died during WWII, while she spent this period in the Krakow ghetto, KL Plaszow, Auschwitz and Bergen-Belsen camps. A strong supporter of the Polish-Jewish reconciliation and the owner of the Order of Merit of the Republic of Poland. ”Right after WWII, I thought that I would never put my foot here ever again. Today I know that I cannot erase Poland, especially Krakow, from my life”, said Miriam Akavii during one meeting with the youth in Poland. She died on 16th January 2015 in Tel-Aviv.

Her most notable works include:
Jesień młodości (Autumn of Youth), Kraków 1989
Moja winnica (My Vineyard), Warszawa 1990
Cena (the Price), Wrocław 1992
Moje powroty (My returns), Kraków 2005

Photo courtesy of PAP, wp.pl