What are you doing for Israel?

It has been almost one month that Israel was perfidiously and brutally attacked by terrorists whose admitted purpose is genocide, who want to wipe out Jews from the face of the earth.

They broke the most ancient rules of war, proudly slaughtering old women and babies and taking them as hostages. Sadism such as theirs had not been seen for 80 years.

They cowardly disrespect and beat their prisoners, desecrate the bodies of the dead, use their very own children as human shields, knowing that civilised nations will not repeat their crime.

At the same time, the hydra of antisemitism rears its ugly head once again in Europe. Genocidal slogans are sung and repeated. Who was the actual aggressor on 7 October is forgotten and Israel is blamed for defending itself – against terrorists who hide in hospitals and who recorded their sadism to show it to the world.

It is the terrorists who chose to put their defenceless sick population in danger. It is the terrorists who used donations to build rockets and not schools. It is the terrorists who are still shooting rockets into civilian areas. It is the terrorists who rule their population through a dictatorship and yet Israel is to blame.

At this time, Members of our Community are risking their lives on the ground for Israel while many other organisations with lofty goals are not moving one finger or saying a single word for Israel. The strong fight and others prefer to hide.

Think, gentle reader, have you done anything for Israel today? We are very far away from Jerusalem, but we can all do something. We are not powerless. Do not be afraid to be Jewish, do not show that their terror is working. Never again means never again. This time we will not let it happen. Looking the other way kills.

On the picture, you have a prayer for our soldiers, who are wounded, burnt, maimed, killed – who give their arms, their legs for Israel, who leave widows and orphans, but whose sacrifice gives you a land where you can be free, where the hope of two thousand years can see Jerusalem once again.

If you pray for our soldiers, you are already doing something. If you cannot read Hebrew, pray in your own language, Heaven will understand you and you will have done something very important for Israel, the Jewish nation, our Nation.

Shavua tov,

D. Cohen