Statement by the Union of Jewish Communities in Poland

The carnage committed by the Palestinian terrorists of Hamas against Israeli citizens, mostly civilians, including women and children, cannot be repeated. Every country, every people that is attacked, among which Israel and Jews alike have the right to defend themselves. The consequences of the most tragic act of extermination perpetrated against Jews since the Shoah must include measures that prevent further atrocities by Hamas or by other terrorist organisations. If the international community has not undertaken concrete or effective actions in order to secure the Gaza strip from Hamas terrorists, whose only goal is the destabilisation of the peace process and their means the instrumental exploitation of Palestinian society, the burden to secure the area and its borders falls unto Israel.

Evaluating the events and expressing an opinion represent an individual right as long as they do not incite to national, ethnic, racial or religious hatred.

In these difficult times we call upon the organisers and participants of public events, as well as upon the local government and the authorities that protect such events to act against any incitement to national, ethnic, racial or religious hatred.