Murdered for being a Jew

Dawid Grassgrün, one of the first Jews who returned to Nowy Targ after WWII, was murdered on 10th February 1946. Right after his return, he made a lot of effort to rebuild the Jewish life in the city. As a representative of the Jewish Religious Community in Nowy Targ, he signed death certificates. He advocated for the synagogue which was turned into a cinema in December 1940, to be given back to the Jews. According to Grassgrün’s daughter, it was his effort to get the synagogue back that caused his death.  In May 1946, Dawid Grassgrün’s son Samuel sold his father’s wooden house. No one has been charged with the murder.

Based on: K. Panz, „Dlaczego oni, którzy tyle przecierpieli i przetrzymali, musieli zginąć”. Żydowskie ofiary zbrojnej przemocy na Podhalu w latach 1945–1947, „Zagłada Żydów. Studia i Materiały” 2015, nr 11, s. 33–89.