Murdered for being Jews

On January 31st 1946, Jakub Künstlich, a Tarnów resident, was killed on a road between Jadowniki Mokre and Radłów (Cracow voivoidship). The most probable cause of his death was a property dispute about a homestead/a farm (3 morgens) in Jadowniki Mokre which was the victim’s property. According to the findings of the Security Office, the culprits were Józef Urban and Karol Boksa, the members of  Roman Horodyński’s („Jastrząb”)  division. These findigs, however, sparked doubts. Less than two months later, on 26th March, Dora Künstlich, Jakub’s wife passed away in a hospital in Cracow. She had been shot on 6th February in her own flat by an unidentified person.

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