Visit of the US Consul General in Krakow, Erin Nickerson

At the beginning of September 2022, Erin Nickerson, the US Consul General in Krakow, paid a visit at the headquarters of the Jewish Religious Community in Krakow. Nickerson, who has been holding her position since August 2022, had a long conversation with the Community Vice-Chairman, Tadeusz Jakubowicz and Adam Klimek,  the representative of the Krakow branch of Social and Cultural Association of Jews in Poland. Mrs Nickerson also vitisted Krakow’s most important synagogues.

We are pleased to announce that the US Consul General accepted our invitation for a New Year’s festive dinner at the Kupa synagogue and was our guest of honour.

On behalf of the Board and the members of the Jewish Religious Community, we would like to thank Mrs Nickerson for her time and wish her lots of blessings at work as well as in her private life.

Foto. Grzegorz Kozakiewicz