On 6th and 7th June 1919 Krakow witnessed anti-Jewish riots.

On 6th and 7th June 1919 Krakow witnessed anti-Jewish riots. According to the Police Director, 59 Jewish merchants fell victims of these events.They lost approx. 4,1 mln Crowns. 222 people were arrested, 63 of which were improsoned, while over 100 were released pending trial. All these events were pure robbery which cost lives of 2 random people. The main targets of these robberies were shops located at Starowiślna street. The Police did not do anything to prevent these robberies. It is worth noticing that Krakow authorities appealed to the citizens for staying calm by saying ”Let us not allow anarchy take us over. Let us ignore the Bolshevik havoc. Let us not give our enemies a weapon against ourselves”.  The Labourers Council of Krakow expressed their point of view, too, saying : ”During a moment as crucial as this, when the faith of the whole nation is at stake; while facing the risk of a new war, the working class must not follow the voices of irresponsible provocateurs. We must not facilitate any nonsense or damaging actions.  We call you for respecting the seriousness of the situation, keeping your dignity and calm.” Following the order of the Management of the Military District in Krakow , new anti-riots rules were introduced. ”Anyone who does not have the authorities’ weapon and ammunition permission, needs to give it back (….) Gatherings of groups more than 4 in the city street are absolutely banned (…) Boys’ (thugs’)  wandering around the street and squares is forbidden.” A couple of days later, on 12th June 1919, the City Council issued an announcement regarding the anti-Jewish riots, where they ensured the victims that ”the presidium is called to provide immediate grants for the riot victims”. 

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Press excerpt : Nowy Kurier, issue 7th June 1919 roku. Source: Jagiellonian Digital Library