Adolf Siódmiak (1879-1944)

1st February marks the birth date of Adolf Siódmiak. Born in 1879, in Cracow, Siódmiak was an architect who graduated from the Vienna Technical University in the Faculty of Architecture.

His most notable projects include: the orphanage building for Jewish children at Kołłątaja 13 in Tarnów, „Dom Wenecki” (”The Vienna House”) on the Main Market Square 11, a residential house for the staff of the Jewish cemetery at Jerozolimska 14, a funeral parlour at the Jewish cemetery at Jerozolimska 14, mansions at Chłopickiego 16, 3, Misiołka 3, Litewska 13 and Kościelna 5, A Jewish Dormitory for the Association of the Jagiellonian University Students ”Ognisko” at Przemysłowa 3 (designed together with Tobiasz Wexner), tenement houses at Krasińskiego 10 and Morawskiego 10 (designed together with Henryk Ritterman), the buildings of  „Składnica Piwa Żywieckiego” (”The Żywiec Beer Warehouse”) at Zbożowa 2, A Jewish Gymnasium at  Wietora 13-15, The bus station at Bohaterów Getta 19, tenement houses at Syrokomli 11a, Ujejskiego 5, Konarskiego 16, Kraszewskiego 16, Bujwida 9, Chopin 16.

Adolf Siódmak was murdered in 1944 in the Nazi German Concentration Camp Gross-Rosen.

Picture courtesy of The Polish Chambers of Architects’ website.