Fryderyk Tadanier (1892-1960)

18 January 1892 marks the birth of Fryderyk Tadanier. Born in Kamionka Strumiłowa, Tadanir was a modernist architect. His works include the Municipal Savings Bank, (pl. Szczepański 5, designed with Stefan Strojek), the District Department on the corner of Słowackiego 18a and Łobzowska 44 (also together with Stefan Strojek), the reconstruction of the Main Post Office at Wielopole 2, the Regional Intermunicipal Association of Social Care at Praska, the Ćmielów Factory house at Biskupia 11 and Sereno Fenn 2, the reconstruction of the Theatre Bagatela, the Railway Station Post Office building in Kraków and he Social Insurance Institution (ZUS) at Pędzichów 27.

Fryderyk Tadanier was a graduate of the the faculty of Civil Engineering in the Lvov Technical University. However, Tadanir decided to link his professional life with Kraków, where he designed and reconstructed several important buildings and was also a lecturer at the Academy of Fine Arts. During the Second World War he hit outside the city and afterwards was the main engineer at Miasto Project, ASTOPROJEKT, replacing Tadeusz Ptaszycki, a well-known Nowa Huta designer, famous for his work in Wrocław.

Fryderyk Tadanier passed away on 1 November 1960 in Kraków.