Pogrom in Kraków on 11 August 1945


3 Elul 5781

According to Martyna Grądzka-Rejak people were praying in the Kupa Synagogue. A crowd started gathering in front of the building and started to attack the building in front of the synagogue. The Jews at first did not react, thinking that stone-throwing and shouting were part of the usual anti-Semitic routine. A boy shouted that they were going to kill him. At about 11 AM the crowd went inside the synagogue, devastated it and burnt books. Physical violence ensued. Policemen and soldiers took part in the attack, which reinforced the idea, in the crowd, that attacking Jews was allowed. 56-year-old Róża Berger, may she rest in peace and may the murderers be punished, was killed after surviving Auschwitz.