Leon Sperling (1900-1941)


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Leon Sperling was born in Kraków, the son of Salomon. He represented Poland in football and played 21 matches in the national team. We was an Olympic athlete, three times Polish champion within the Cracovia football team (1921, 1930, 1932) and worked in a bank. The graduated from a school with a formation in commerce. One of the best forwards for Poland in the interwar period, he was called the “magician of the ball”. Almost his whole career was in Cracovia, for which he played 381 matches. His first match for Poland was on 18 December 1921 in Budapest against Hungary. In 1924 he took part in the Olympics in Paris. In 1934 he retired from his football career, wed Sara Perla and moved to Lvov. He was shot on a street between 15 and 20 December 1941 by a drunken German Gestapo member. May Leon Sperling rest in peace.