Aleksander Bieberstein (1889-1978)


23 Av 5781

Aleksander Biberstein was born on 1 August 1889 in Tarnopol. He was a medical doctor and a chronicler of the Kraków ghetto.

After Polish independence in 1918 he worked as a doctor in the polish army and then for the social services. In 1942 he organised in the Kraków ghetto a hospital for infectious diseases and was its director. He was also president of the organisation for Jewish orphans. He was a prisoner in the concentration camps of Płaszów and Gross-Rosen. He emigrated to Israel in 1958.

He is the author of one of the most important works on the history of Kraków Jews during German occupation, called The Extermination of the Jews of Kraków, published in 1986.

He wrote in one of the first chapters: “history has not yet known similar crimes – mass murders committed on defenceless people, factories of death. Germans, proud of being thinkers, philosophers and poets, murdered millions of defenceless people under the eyes of a terrorised Europe”.

He died on 4 September 1979 in Israel, may he rest in peace.