Szymon Feldblum (1882-1956)


6 Av 5781

Szymon Feldblum was born in Kraków, the son of Majer and Amalia (born Weber). He was a lawyer and worked for the Jewish Community in Kraków.

He graduated from the Św. Jacek secondary school in Kraków on 1900, and then studied Law in the Jagiellonian University (UJ) on 1906. After that he worked for the famous Kraków lawyer, Dr. Ludwik Szalay (1857-1934). After 7 years he became a lawyer. After Dr. Szalay retired, he passed on his office to Szymon Feldblum. He defended his clients with real passion and represented pro bono poor clients. He was the president of the Disciplinary Committee of the Kraków Bar.

He died on 28 July 1956 in Tel Aviv and was buried in the Nahalat Yitzhak cemetery in Israel, may he rest in peace.