Community Life – 6 Tamuz 5781


6 Tamuz 5781

Today we were blessed with the arrival of the Rabbi of Kraków, R. Boaz Gadka, coming directly from Eretz Israel. He had a good flight and could be heard praying bright and early. He blessed us with his presence at our daily lunch, where we have been serving meals to the Community for decades.

Tamuz is a month in which Israel sinned and believed in false gods. The unaware tourist should beware that there are organisations which try to lead people of good heart into error. The only organisation which is the actual Jewish Religious Community of Kraków is this one. The only “Rabbi of Kraków” is R. Boaz Gadka. Nobody else. Others that claim the title and self-style themselves as the “Community” of Kraków give, in my opinion, a disservice to the Jews and prey on the unaware tourist.

The evil inclination is cunning and wily and people of good heart should be careful. I wish everyone an excellent rest of the week.

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Dr. D Cohen