Community Life – 3 Tamuz 5781


3 Tamuz 5781

Shavua tov! Friday as usual we had our shabbat dinner. During prayers the synagogue was visited by many pious people and was filled with the joyous sound of prayers. Jews are welcome in the synagogue, whatever their minhag and we do not impose a single one on everyone. The Jewish Religious Community of Kraków, the beating heart of the Community and its true centre, has been helping Jews through the darkest times in the past decades. The dedication of those who work in silence in the Community, away from quick fame and gratification, is commendable. Their rewards in the world to come are immeasurable.

After prayers we had our meal, in which, as every Saturday, English speakers, Polish speakers, Yiddish speakers – and those of many mother tongues met – and were thankful for everything provided for by the Gabbai, who also organises the other shabbat meals. Discussions on Parsha Korah and other aspects of Judaism were held at our tables in other languages. What interesting meals we have every Shabat!

The Community provides a safe and joyful environment for children and adults, as well as a place for learning and study. The libraries of the community are a source of inspiration and we hope they will serve the community of Kraków in the years to come.

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Dr D Cohen