Jerusalem Day


28 Iyar 5781

On the 28th of Iyar 5727 (1927) the Arab armies, which had plotted to eradicate the seed of Israel from the land of Israel, were completely decimated. The siege of Israel’s enemies from around her borders was lifted and the Eternal City of Jerusalem was reunited and restored as one city to her natural inheritors.

Two days previously, on the 26th of Iyar, the combined armies of Egypt, Syria and Jordan surrounded the borders of Israel and stood poised to attack. Armed from their Soviet allies, they wanted to drive the Jews into the sea.

But Providence declared that this was not to be. The army of Israel, even if vastly outnumbered, destroyed the enemy armies and captures vast stretches of territory. On the 26th of Iyar the war began and on the 2nd of Sivan the battle ceased.

Although the 28th of Iyar was still marked by heavy fighting, it is nevertheless commemorated as a day of celebration and thanksgiving.

May the fallen in that war rest in peace, their sacrifice not forgotten, the hope not lost.

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text Dr. D. Cohen