Killed after the War


18 Iyar 5781

Seven Jews were murdered in the night of 30 April 1946 (five men and two women). As we read in the report by the Commander of the People’s Militia (PM i.e. police) Station in Jurgow to the Commander of the PM in Nowy Targ in the same date: “the bodies lie on the road between Bialka and Gronie. One body lies in a field 50 metres from the main road. The bodies have been partially robbed. Next to one of them a ticket was found, dated 29 April 1946, Kraków-Zakopane. The bodies have bloodied heads, their faces towards the ground, just one body with the face upwards. The murders have been committed by shooting with automatic guns, since bullets of from a PPSh [submachine gun] have been found, among which two rounds in good condition”.

The lack of documents made the identification of the bodies difficult, as well as the fear by the family of the consequences of carrying foreign money. It was finally confirmed that on 29 April 1946 the following people died: Blima Krebs, Beila Gold, Frida Salzberg, Feiga Schwedszarf, Chaskel Świecznik and Sara Dornberg, as well as her 14-year-old son Salomon. The bodies of the victims had been robbed both by the murders and by the local population.

The burial of the seven victims happened in Kraków on 2 May 1946 at 7 in the evening. Based on Panz, K., “ ‘Why did they, who had suffered so much and endured, had to die?” The Jewish victims of armed violence in Podhale.’ in “Zagłada Żydów. Studia i Materiały”, 2015, 11, pp. 33-89, passim, English text available.

translation in English Dr. D. Cohen