Announcement by the Council

The Jewish Religious Community in Kraków, together with the public in general, does not approve that the place, where people of various nationalities and religions were murdered, be used for self-promotion and political goals. We consider the actions of Mateusz Jaśko, which provoke tension between the inhabitants of Kraków, shocking and irresponsible.

In the Plaszow concentration camp many of our brethren, many of our neighbours, many of those who lived in Krakow, died. They belonged to various nationalities. They were brutally murdered. Those who survived were sent to extermination camps, where they met with an equally tragic fate.

We do not give our approval for the actions taken by the above-mentioned person under the pretence of serving the population. The citizens of Kraków have the right to use that area. However, one should remember that all changes should be taken with respect for the remains of the Dead and for the sensibilities of those who, over the years, have striven to keep the place under its due care. It is not by chance that the use of that place is regulated under the provisions for cemeteries.

On such special grounds there is no approval for arbitrary actions! What Mr Jaśko did was not undertaken in concert with the Jewish Religious Community, the Monument Preservation Office or the KL Plaszow museum. We see placing benches for self-promotion as a provocation with a political background, which we firmly refute.

We maintain our position that the area of the concentration camp of Plaszow should be taken care of in a way that allows older and differently-abled people to rest. Such initiatives should however be taken in a lawful way, without the goal of self-promotion or making political statements.

The Jewish Religious Community in Kraków is the guardian of the memory of those of our city killed by the Nazis. There is no doubt that, without dialogue and, above all, without mutual respect we will never be able to properly commemorate the victims and understand what happened in the concentration camp of Plaszow. The actions of Mateusz Jasko not only belittle dialogue in the name of the self-promotion of their author but also, by antagonising the inhabitants of Kraków, ruins everything that we managed to build over many years.