Krepiecki Woods

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The Krepiecki Woods, 6 km from Lublin, is a place that holds the memory of about 30,000 murdered Jews. A collctive tombstone and monument is in the Woods about 500 metres from a service road, parallel to road S17. It is the place of burial of Jews from the Majdanek Ghetto as well as of Poles, Russians and of prisoners of the Majdanek camp and of the castle of Lublin of various nationalities.

Documents show that the first murders took place there on 21-22 April 1942. Germans shot about 2800 Jews. The peak was reached on 3 November 1943, when Germans shot around 18,000 Jews.

The Krepiecki woods were also used to murder prisoners who, during slave work in the fields, tried to escape.

According to witnesses, in the Krepiecki Woods the Germans organised a provisional crematorium. Corpses were placed and burned on structures made with the frames of lorries, as there was still no crematorium in Majdanek. Other witnesses also claim that remains from people murdered in other places were burned there.

May they rest in peace and may they never be forgotten and the criminals never forgiven.

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