Helena Rubinstein (1872-1965)

Helena Rubinstein, called the Empress of  Beauty by Jean Cocteau, a multimillionaire and a feminine symbol, was born on 25th December 1872 in Krakow.  
Helena was the eldest daughter of  Gitel and Herzl Rubinstein, who lived together with their extensive family at Szeroka 14/ 4. Their low social status and level of life were a source of embarrassment for Helena. She dreamt of a different life, thus at the age of 17, she left Krakow and vowed never to come back there again..
Helena Rubinstein achieved an incredible global success. She can be called the mother of modern make-up products. At the time of her death, her net worth was approx.$100 mln.
She was a muse for the top artists of her times. Helena Rubinstein was painted by Pablo Picasso, while the world-famous HR logo was designed by Salvador Dali. Helena Rubinstein became the symbol of success.

She passed away on 1st April 1965 in NYC.
Drawing by Pablo Picasso, 1955