Deportations from Dukla, Rymanów, Bobowa and Biecz


5 Elul 5781

The month of August is a very sad month for Jews since there are almost daily anniversaries related to the Shoah and therefore with suffering. We remember these events also so that those who were murdered will live on in our hearts.

On 13-14 August 1942 the German occupants deported and then murdered most of the inhabitants of Dukla, Rymanów, Bobowa and Biecza. In all these places there was violence, then a selection, then deportation, then murder.

2000 people from Dukla and Rymanów were sent to Belżec and murdered. Healthy and young men were sent to concentration camps, others (women, children and old people) shot in the Błudno woods near Tyława and those who had not the strength to walk were killed in the cemetery in Rymanów.

People who were fit for work from Bobowa and Biecz were deported to the concentration camps of Płaszów, Bieżanów and Prokocim and some were forced to clean up the ghetto. All those who were deemed not healthy enough to transport were shot (between 120 and 180 people in Biecz in the local cemetery and about 400 people from Bobowa in the Dąbry woods). The rest of the Jews (700 from Bobowa and 1000-1200 from Biecz) were later sent to Gorlice and taken to Belżec.

May the victims rest in peace and may the coward murderers be all found and punished.