10. Assistance


5 Tamuz 5781

We have reached today paragraph 7 of chapter 2 of Mesillas Yesharim, in which R. Luzzatto concludes the second chapter. R Luzzatto reminds the reader that even if one takes the proper time for reflection and guards his actions, this alone will not be sufficient for salvation. One, without the assistance of the Holy One, blessed is He, will not be able to achieve salvation.

“If one oversees himself” – states further Rabbi Luzzatto – he will be saved from the evil inclination. However, it is essential to observe one’s behaviour. If one does not do that, then the Holy One, blessed is He, will not watch over him. If one is not compassionate towards himself then who will show him compassion?

In support of his assertion, R. Luzzatto quotes Pirkei Avos 1:14: “if I am not for myself, who will be for me?”

Thus we conclude chapter 2. The wise words of R. Luzzatto are very important, and one should remember that, in our endeavours, it is not only important to pray but also to take action, as it has been emphasized before.

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Dr. D Cohen