5. Avodah


14 Iyar 5781

We follow on in Mesillas Yesharim and reach paragraph 14 of Chapter One. In this paragraph, R. Luzzatto states that the main purpose of one’s existence in the world is to do mitzvos, serve the Eternal and overcome problems. He then asserts that the pleasures of this world are meant to allow him to turn his heart towards the service that is his responsibility.

It is very interesting to see how things can get lost in other languages and must be read in the original. The word in Hebrew in the text is pronounced “avodah” and carries very different emotional connotations and associations than “service” (the usual English translation). Service in English could be given as “sherut” in Hebrew, depending on the meaning. And much could be written about the meaning of service, Service and whether they actually translate “avodah” properly or not.

Wishing everyone a greatest Shavua Tov – Dr. D Cohen